First green hydrogen plant starts operations in New Zealand

Production of New Zealand’s first green hydrogen plant has officially begun. The 1.5 MW green hydrogen plant, located in Taupo, was built by Halcyon Power and uses electricity generated from the nearby Mokai geothermal power plant. Halcyon Power is a 50/50 joint venture between Tuaropaki’s trust and Japan-based Obayashi Corporation.

According to Halcyon Power project manager Aya Inagaki, the plant has now been completed. Due diligence will be conducted after the commission and should be completed by the end of 2021.

The green hydrogen plant has been in development since 2018 and construction began in 2020. According to Tuaropaki CEO Steve Murray, the plant is expected to start selling hydrogen locally in January 2022 and will produce about 180 tons in its first year. The long-term goal is for the plant to contribute to the entire hydrogen supply chain that includes transportation, storage and refueling.

Murray explained that green hydrogen offers a more sustainable alternative not only to fossil fuels, but also coal-derived hydrogen for industrial processes. “Halcyon Power is in line with our values ​​of caring for our environment and championing research and development for alternative renewable energies.”

“While helping New Zealand decarbonise, this project opens up the country to export hydrogen and intellectual property related to hydrogen as a transportation fuel,” Murray added.

Tuarupaki President Gina Rangi also stated that the green hydrogen plant was an important step towards achieving New Zealand’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. A final setback for the founder of illegal streaming site Megaupload against his extradition from New Zealand

“With Tuaropaki, we will investigate the creation of the hydrogen supply chain in New Zealand that includes production, transportation and application, and contribute to the greening of the country,” Obayashi President Kenji Haswa said in a pre-recorded video.


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