Green hydrogen has received political recognition

The Union government’s announcement of a new green hydrogen and green ammonia strategy, aimed at increasing domestic green hydrogen production to 5 million tonnes by 2030 and establishing India as a clean fuel export hub, has been a godsend to the green hydrogen sector. Despite the fact that green hydrogen is considered as an environmental and economic booster, the government has long ignored the sector. The new policy advice is long overdue, and it will offer green hydrogen a leg up over other forms of power generation because it is an energy carrier that can be used in large quantities to generate electricity.

The new government policy has its focus on green hydrogen concessional green electricity, and this establishes the country’s preference to unleash the next big opportunity by converting hydrogen into electricity. According to Nandan Kundetkar, Chief Science Officer and Director, Femto Green Hydrogen Ltd, “the Government’s target of setting up a 5 million tonne (mt) green hydrogen target by 2030 will not only help India find better alternatives to fossil fuel; but also will make it energy secured and efficient. As Green Hydrogen is produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, India can now capitalise India’s solar and wind energy assets and potential to the fullest by paving ways for export of Ammonia too”.

Femto Green Hydrogen Ltd, a company that has been developing de-carbonization technology with the goal of aiding the eradication and reduction of global warming caused by various means of surface transportation, has termed the new green hydrogen and green ammonia policy as a step towards finding better alternatives to fossil fuel and also to make the country energy secured and efficient. Green hydrogen to find better alternatives to fossil fuel.

Adding that the new policy will also boost energy transition and reduce emissions as part of net-zero initiatives, Kundetkar stated that it may be seen as a step towards reducing dependence on fossil fuel and crude oil imports, which will have a positive impact on the auto and other industries where Green Hydrogen have wider applications to provide clean fuel.

It also needs to be noted that solar power alone cannot be seen as the only green hydrogen producer as there are certain inherent limitations of power balancing calculations, Femto Green Hydrogen Ltd’s Chief Science Officer & Director said. Thinking out of the box in terms of innovative execution would take green hydrogen generation to a whole new level, the company official felt. Calling upon the Union Government to create highly motivating new incentives in Research& Development in the field of green hydrogen, Nandan Kundetkar said that the dole-outs have to be immensely compelling that innovative brains should be able to give up their cosy jobs and get into the field of novel green hydrogen. And, this will give India a leap ahead of other countries to be the leader in the export of green hydrogen.

Thinking out of the box in terms of innovative execution Pointing out that the targeted generation of 5 million tonnes of hydrogen would require prime renewable energy such as solar power, Kundetkar added that it would require a very huge amount of solar power to meet this requirement of green hydrogen. This, in turn, would also need a large stretch of land, big infrastructure and huge funds.

Femto Green Hydrogen Ltd has suggested that green hydrogen generation could be made possible from conventional fossil fuel by keeping carbon emission levels to the lowest level by deploying industrial heat by thermoelectric generators.


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