Japanese utility firm readies first liquefied CO2 shipping terminal

Kansai Electric Power has partnered with research firm Japan Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to develop a liquefied CO2 shipping terminal at Kansai’s 1,800MW Maizuru coal-fired power complex in Kyoto.

The project will see about 10,000 tons a year of CO2 captured at the Maizuru power station liquefied at the shipping base for transport on a coastal vessel, after which the captured CO2 will be unloaded at the Tomakomai carbon storage and recycling facility in Hokkaido. The demonstration phase of the project is expected to launch this year until March 2027, and CO2 transportation to start in 2024.

An order for a large liquefied CO2 carrier to Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has already been made by Japan CCS to deliver 10,000 tons a year of liquified CO2 to the storage site.

Japan’s big three lines – K Line, MOL and NYK – are all developing their own liquefied CO2 carriers.

Source: Splase247

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