Jet Aviation partners with World Fuel Services to offer SAF

Jet Aviation is offering business aviation customers Sustainable Aviation Fuel on-site at its FBOs in Bozeman, Montana, and Scottsdale, Arizona thanks to deal with World Fuel Services.

Under the agreement, which was announced late last month, Jet Aviation has purchased a long-term supply of SAF from World Fuel Services for its FBOs in Bozeman and Scottsdale.

Jet Aviation already offers SAF at its FBO in Van Nuys, California as well as at its FBOs in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

The SAF is a fully compliant, drop-in Jet A/A-1 fuel with the same characteristics and specifications as conventional jet fuel.

Jet Aviation has offered SAF as part of a blended fuel supply at Van Nuys since 2019. Through this agreement, customers will be able to purchase from a dedicated SAF inventory at the California site, as well as on-site in Bozeman and Scottsdale.

Jet Aviation also offers customers the opportunity to access the benefits of SAF in locations where there is currently no physical supply through its Book and Claim service since 2021.

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