Kolkata’s Clean Fuel Future: GAIL Gas Pipeline Nears Completion

Kolkata’s clean fuel supply is poised for a significant boost as the GAIL gas transportation pipeline nears completion. The pipeline, spanning several districts in West Bengal, will triple the regions natural gas supply, resolving an 800-meter hurdle in Bardhaman district.

Anupam Mukhopadhyay, the CEO of Bengal Gas Company Ltd, revealed that the GAIL gas pipeline project is set to be finalized within the next three months. The resolution of an 800-meter hurdle in Bardhaman district and the acquisition of necessary statutory clearances have paved the way for the project’s completion.

The completion of the pipeline will bring about a threefold increase in the supply of natural gas to the region. This will facilitate the expansion of CNG gas stations in the state. Bengal Gas currently operates 12 CNG pumps, but this number is projected to grow to 50 within a year and reach 100 by the fiscal year 2026.

Enhanced City Gas Distribution Network: In addition to the existing 61 CNG stations operated by various companies in the state, the pipeline will enable a stable and significantly increased supply of three times the current quantity in a much shorter time. Regarding the city gas distribution network, Mukhopadhyay shared that 30 kilometers of the proposed 500-kilometer main city gas distribution steel pipeline have already been completed.

Commitment to Rooftop Solar Panels: Meanwhile, the West Bengal government reaffirmed its dedication to deploying more rooftop solar panels in government buildings and educational institutions. Babul Supriya, the state’s renewable energy minister, emphasized the objective of advancing the use of solar energy in institutional buildings and subsequently promoting it among energy-intensive industries.

Progress in Solar Energy Adoption: Currently, the state has equipped 104 government buildings with solar facilities. Plans are in place to install solar panels in an additional 900 government schools and 50 colleges.

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