MAN Energy Solutions and CSS expand strategic agreement

MAN Energy Solutions and China Classification Society (CCS) have signed a sub-agreement that brings the new MAN L21/31DF-M (dual-fuel methanol) genset into a strategic framework agreement (SFA) that the two parties agreed in September 2023. Covering decarbonization and digitalization in the maritime industry, the SFA is scheduled to last for five years.

Two 9,300 CEU (car equivalent unit) pure car and truck carriers on order at China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI) for China Merchants Energy Shipping will be the first vessels fitted with the L21/31 DF-M methanol gensets. The vessels are set for delivery in 2025 and 2026 and the new sub-agreement includes all activities associated with the new genset’s planned Type Approval Test (TAT) in China in fourth quarter 2024.

The on-line signing ceremony for the new sub-agreement was hosted by MAN Energy Solutions’ classification department in Copenhagen. It was signed on behalf of China Classification Society by CCS marine product department general manager Jiang Botao, and Jiangsu plan approval center manager, Sun Qun. Finn Fjeldhøj, senior manager and site manager, Holeby, and Lars Ascanius, senior manager, two-stroke engine lifecycle management, signed on behalf of MAN Energy Solutions.

The strategic framework agreement is designed as a umbrella agreement that enables MAN Energy Solutions and CCS to add sub-agreements as required. Since its original signing, and prior to this new agreement, the two companies had added two other sub-agreements. The first covers the introduction of MAN Energy Solutions’ two-stroke methanol engine to the CCS Global Fleet; and the second covers changes to Class Rules for the CCS Global Fleet.

The 21/31DF-M is based on a simple port fuel-injection concept that optimizes reliability, while simultaneously minimizing capital-outlay time. The foundation for the new L21/31DF-M genset is the existing L21/31 genset.

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