Nacero to invest $6B in low- and zero-carbon fuels plant in PA

Texas-based fuel company Nacero will build its second low- and zero-carbon fuels plant in Newport Township, Pennsylvania. The $6-billion investment will bring approximately 4,000 construction jobs to the area. The completed facility will employ approximately 450 workers.

The new manufacturing facility will produce low- and zero-lifecycle carbon footprint gasoline blendstock made from natural gas and renewable natural gas.

Nacero Blue Gasoline is made from natural gas using renewable power and carbon capture. Nacero Green Gasoline is made from renewable natural gas and captured flare gas. Nacero Blue will be cost-competitive with traditional gasoline and can reduce the lifecycle carbon footprint of a car or truck’s fuel in half. Nacero Green can reduce the lifecycle carbon footprint of a vehicle’s fuel down to zero or below.

Nacero has licensed Topsoe TIGAS technology to produce gasoline component ready for blending to US commercial grades. Topsoe is providing engineering and design services currently and will supply catalyst and proprietary hardware.

Gasoline produced by the TIGAS technology contains no sulfur, is cost-competitive with traditional gasoline, and can be used in today’s cars and trucks without modification.

The company will build its first facility in Pennwell, Texas. The Penwell facility—with a capacity of 100,000 barrels per day of gasoline blendstock—will be the first gasoline manufacturer in the world to incorporate carbon capture and sequestration. The captured CO2 will be used for enhanced oil recovery.

Nacero’s Penwell facility will create a market for natural gas that is currently vented or flared and is expected to double the US market for captured bio-methane. By making gasoline without the byproducts of crude oil refining, Nacero’s Penwell facility will avoid the introduction into the atmosphere of 1 billion tons of CO2 during its first thirty years of operation.

TIGAS incorporates Topsoe’s SynCOR Methanol technology that achieves exceptional economy of scale. By using six SynCOR Methanol plants, Nacero’s Penwell plant will produce more than 30,000 metric tons per day (MTPD) of methanol, which will then be processed to gasoline. The only byproduct will be water, which will be recovered and used to supply 80% of the plant’s make-up water. The Penwell facility will also produce blue hydrogen.

Nacero plans to begin work on the Pennsylvania facility in 2022-23. The project is estimated to be completed sometime in 2026-27.


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