ABC unveils multi-fuel engine platform

Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) has introduced a multifuel engine platform designed to facilitate the transition from conventional fuel to future fuel types including diesel, biodiesel, MDO, HFO, hydrogen, methanol, LNG and CNG.

The first member of the EVOLVE range is a compact 4-cylinder medium speed engine: the 4EL23. The 230mm bore, 310mm stroke engine features speeds from 720 to 1,200 rpm (400 rpm idling), and a nominal power range of 749-1,320kW (1.114-1.795HP).

The 4EL23 is described as a compact, strong medium-speed 4-cylinder engine delivering superior engine performance at full and partial load. To support the current energy transition, the 4EL23 is fully optimized to run efficiently on diesel with exhaust after-treatment technology for ultra-low emissions until other fuels are economically available. It has a compact diesel particulate filter and the Selective Catalytic Reduction system is designed with an integrated mixing pipe.

Uptime has been maximized with an exchangeable power unit. The versatile cylinder head makes it easy to convert from liquified fuel to other fuel types and makes for easy maintenance. The engine features a highly efficient common rail system, variable valve timing and Miller cycle, with a micro pilot fuel injection system for future dual-fuel functionality or a pump-line-nozzle fuel injection system for liquid fuels.

An optional shell protects the engine and crew and mitigates heat, noise and vibrations. It has an LED interface that displays customizable warning lights.

“The 4EL23 is the first multifuel medium speed engine to face the transition from fossil-based to zero-carbon head-on. We are changing the game,” says CEO Tim Berckmoes. “No matter which future materializes, we power it.”

In recent years, Anglo Belgian Corporation has invested heavily in the development of environmentally friendly power systems. This year in May, ABC was the first in the world to receive the official EU Stage V certificate for its DZC engines which limits the emission of nitrogen oxides and soot particles to very low values. Last year, together with CMB, it launched BeHydro, a marine dual fuel hydrogen engine range that reduces CO2 emissions by 85%.

ABC’s DZC engine is already hydrogen-ready in a dual fuel version (DZD – 85% hydrogen gas and 15% liquid fuel). This hydrogen engine is available with 6, 8, 12 or 16 cylinders and has a power output from 1,000 up to 2,670kW. The DZD hydrogen engine can be combined with an after-treatment system in which the smaller proportion of diesel that is burned can be filtered through a particle filter for the soot particles and a catalytic converter for the nitrogen emissions.

ABC 4ELS gas engine features

Cylinder bore 230mm

Stroke 310mm

No. of cylinders 4L

Engine speed 720/1,200rpm

Power range 749kW-1,320kW


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