NYK commences test on ship-to-ship biofuel supply

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK) Line, a Japanese shipping firm, along with its affiliate Sanyo Kaiji Kabushiki Kaisha, has commenced ship-to-ship biofuel supply trial for tugboats.

Using biodiesel supplied by Toyotsu Energy, the companies will carry out the three-month test navigation in tugboats operated by Sanyo Kaiji.

Nagoya Port Authority is supporting NYK Line and its affiliate to conduct the biofuel supply and test navigation.

Biofuels, which serve as an alternative to heavy oil and help lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, are produced from renewable biological organic resources such as biomass.

Additionally, NYK Line and Sanyo Kaiji will encourage the use of environment-friendly fuels such as biofuels as part of their efforts in the creation of a carbon-free society.

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