Poland can become a leading producer of Hydrogen in future

Poland may become one of the most competitive producers of green hydrogen in the European Union in 2050. The country could export it to other countries, using the already existing infrastructure – e.g., the Yamal gas pipeline.

According to analysts of the Polish Economic Institute (PIE), in the next three decades Poland could become a very competitive producer of green hydrogen. Particularly economically beneficial in Polish conditions would be the production of hydrogen based on energy from onshore wind energy.

The average cost of energy would be in the range of about 2.33 to 3 euros per kilogram of hydrogen and about 70-92 euros for one megawatt hour (MWh), according to economists from a Polish think tank.

A more expensive variant would be hydrogen generated by photovoltaic power plants. Its price would be above 4 euros per kilogram and about 123-129 euros per 1 MWh.

If relied on wind energy in the development of hydrogen production and produced this renewable gas would come at an average cost of EUR 2.6 per kilogram and EUR 78 per megawatt hour, Poland, along with Sweden, Croatia and Ireland, would be one of the most competitive hydrogen producers in the EU.

According to PIE analysts, by 2030 – that is, in the next few years – about 20.6 million tons of hydrogen are to replace between 25 and 50 billion cubic meters of Russian gas per year in the energy sector.

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