Over 90% southeast Aian O&G related vessels adopt smart fuel management

The maritime industry in Southeast Asia is undergoing a significant transformation towards digitalization, transparency, efficiency, and sustainability, driven by advancements in smart fuel management technology. Leading provider Fueltrax exemplifies this trend, with over 90% of deep sea and offshore support vessels in the region choosing their Vessel Fuel Management System (VFMS) to ensure accurate fuel usage transparency and emissions tracking, while advising mitigation factors and better systems to optimise efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

The Fueltrax VFMS is the industry’s leading and only patented fuel management solution. The high adoption rate of Fueltrax VFMS in Southeast Asia underscores the growing demand for advanced fuel management solutions that do away with inaccurate manual or outdated practices. Notably, out of 30 vessels implementing a fuel management system on the recommendation of their oil company, a remarkable 28 chose Fueltrax after a thorough evaluation of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

“Vessel operators that utilise Fueltrax VFMS can ensure their O&G clientele of a transparent, reliable, and stable service. Cost savings and fuel efficiency are paramount, and Fueltrax delivers with its practical and constructive features. Our system’s hardware reliability, durability and superior  ustomer support in Southeast Asia, along with transparent pricing, were key factors in their decision. Vessel operators can be confident they’re getting the best value without hidden fees.” said Faiz Azani, Fueltrax’s Kuala Lumpur-based Director of Operations for Southeast Asia.

The Fueltrax VFMS measures direct fuel consumption and transfers on board, enabling vessel operators to reduce operational and fuel costs. Its accuracy and stability are achieved by taking direct measurements using Coriolis smart metres to measure mass flow rather than volume. The system consistently measures fuel quality and transmits that data to the Fueltrax operations centre for real-time monitoring.

“Fueltrax VFMS also aligns perfectly with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2050 strategy for decarbonisation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping. By optimising fuel usage and reducing emissions, our system empowers vessel operators to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable maritime future. We’re committed to providing solutions that not only enhance efficiency and transparency but also support the industry’s environmental goals.” added Faiz.

Scoring major series of contracts in Southeast Asia, Fueltrax has further solidified its position as the market leader in fuel management systems, allowing vessel operators and their oil company partners to achieve optimised operations following sustainable guidelines and minimise the risk of fuel theft.

Industry leaders across the region have endorsed Fueltrax’s effectiveness;

● Fakhrurrazi Mat Hassan, COO of Tegas Navigation: “Fueltrax’s real-time data empowers informed decision-making, optimizing fuel efficiency and reducing costs. Its user-friendly interface allows us to generate detailed reports and analyze trends, making it a valuable tool.”

● Nur Syahida Che Zam, General Manager of Dinastia Jati: ” With a track record that is consistent and dependable, Fueltrax ensures that the data it provides is holistic in all aspects of fuel management. Its precision in measuring fuel usage guarantees access to highly accurate consumption data.”

● Wong Ha Kiang, General Manager of MK Bumimas: “Fueltrax technology optimizes fuel efficiency.”

● Ker Boon Chong, Head of Marine Services, Asian Supply Base: “Impressed by the system and the supportive technical team.”

Source: Fueltrax®.

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