Peru will promote natural gas as a fuel for urban, interprovincial and cargo transportation

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) will implement a State policy to promote and promote the development of Liquefied Natural Vehicle Gas (NGV-L) as an automotive fuel within Peru for urban, interprovincial and cargo transportation, with the objective of stimulate the use of a resource that the country produces and that is cheaper than diesel.

To this end, the governing body of the mining-energy sector signed an inter-institutional agreement with the Camisea Consortium, represented by Adrián Vila, general manager of the Pluspetrol company, which joins the effort to strengthen the natural gas industry for its massification and use in the transport.

Minister Jaime Gálvez stressed that this agreement is a clear example that the joint effort between the State and private companies allows progress in the massification of natural gas, for the benefit of millions of Peruvians.

The Program will include actions to make viable and promote the consumption of natural gas as an automotive fuel, promoting the development of LNG service station infrastructure on the main transportation highways within Peru.

To this is added that benefits and promotional prices will be granted for up to 5 years for all users who sign supply contracts for GNV-L within the framework of this agreement, in order to stimulate demand and commercialization of energy.

This initiative is part of the process of massification of natural gas and the progressive change of the energy matrix to a fuel that will generate a saving of 50% to its users, who will also have the facility of availing themselves of financing for vehicle conversion carried out by the Minem through the GNV Savings program.

Through the agreement, the private sector commits to make available a volume of up to 50 million cubic feet per day (50 MMPCD) for the Program, as well as greater contractual flexibility applicable only in the cases of contracts with customers who purchase gas. natural within the framework of this initiative.

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