Top diamond miner ALROSA structurally reduces emissions

Russian diamond miner ALROSA announced today that the company has launched a project to convert its vehicles from gasoline and diesel to natural gas to cut greenhouse gas emissions and boost economic efficiency.  

The company said that expanded use of energy-efficient fuels across the corporate transport fleet is among ALROSA’s top priorities in improving the environmental profile of its production activities and reducing the human impact on climate.

Back in 2015, the company began switching some of its vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG), one of the most cost-effective, eco-friendly and safe fuel available. As of today, about 300 vehicles in Mirny and Aikhal are fuled by natural gas.

By 2024, the company said it plans to expand the project to other assets and convert an additional 166 vehicles in Udachny and Lensk to natural gas, bringing the share of vehicles running on this fuel to 37% of its fleet.

The company pointed out that this project has allowed ALROSA not only to reduce fuel costs by about 2.6 times per 1 km using natural gas, but also to cut greenhouse gas emissions in CO2 equivalent by 13% per 1 km on average across the fleet running on this fuel (compared with gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles).

By 2024, investments in the project will exceed RUB 650 million (~$9 million), according to the company’s estimates. Out of this amount, more than RUB 450 million (~$6 million) was allocated from 2015 to 2020 to build the necessary infrastructure, purchase equipment and refit the vehicles.

ALROSA is the leader of the world diamond mining industry, a Russian partially state-owned diamond mining company. ALROSA operates across nine countries and ten regions of Russia.

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