Petrobras Partners with Senai ISI-ER to Construct Trial Green Hydrogen Facility

Petrobras, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has initiated a Collaboration Agreement with the Instituto Senai de Energias Renováveis (ISI-ER) aimed at constructing a pilot electrolysis plant.

The plant is dedicated to exploring the green hydrogen chain, characterized by its low carbon footprint. The primary objective of this endeavor is to conduct an in-depth evaluation of hydrogen production via water electrolysis, utilizing solar energy as the primary power source. For this purpose, Petrobras intends to leverage the facilities of its Alto Rodrigues Photovoltaic Power Plant, located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Originally established for research and development purposes, the Alto Rodrigues Photovoltaic Power Plant is slated for expansion, increasing its capacity from 1.0 Mwp (Megawatt peak) to 2.5 Mwp. This expansion is essential to meet the power demands of the pilot electrolysis plant, which forms the core component of the project. The hydrogen generated through this electrolysis process will subsequently be utilized to evaluate the performance and structural integrity of microturbines, particularly in scenarios involving the combustion of hydrogen and natural gas mixtures. The entire duration of the project is estimated to span three years, with an anticipated investment of BRL 90 million.

An array of benefits accrue to Petrobras from this collaboration, foremost among them being the development of comprehensive insights into equipment behavior when subjected to hydrogen and natural gas mixtures. These insights are pivotal in formulating viable business models that align with the company’s strategic interests. Additionally, this initiative serves as a critical component in the economic feasibility assessment of projects focused on the production of low-carbon hydrogen and its associated byproducts.

A significant challenge in the realm of low-carbon hydrogen pertains to the operational dynamics of electrolysis technology, especially its direct linkage to green energy sources characterized by intermittent availability. Through this project, Petrobras aims to enhance its understanding of such operational intricacies, thus advancing its proficiency in managing systems characterized by intermittent energy inputs.

The enduring partnership between Petrobras and Senai ISI-ER of Rio Grande do Norte underscores their shared commitment to advancing research and development endeavors in the domain of green energies and hydrogen. Notably, the ISI-ER possesses extensive expertise in the fields of wind and solar energy, rendering it an invaluable collaborator in Petrobras’ quest for sustainable energy solutions. Moreover, the collaborative efforts between Petrobras and Senai ISI-ER encompass a range of strategic initiatives, including the installation and operation of a meteorological station, as well as the maintenance of a high-concentration photovoltaic system. Furthermore, joint studies will be conducted to investigate the impact of thermal effects on wind resource modeling, alongside the exploration of methodologies for assessing offshore wind power. These multifaceted endeavors underscore the depth and breadth of the collaboration between Petrobras and Senai ISI-ER, positioning them as key players in the pursuit of innovative solutions to the pressing challenges in the realm of green energy and hydrogen technology.

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