Plug Power bags contract to deliver 1GW electrolyser

Plug Power Inc, a hydrogen solutions provider, has been awarded a contract to supply a 1GW electrolyser to hydrogen company H2 Energy Europe. The electrolyser is planned for a green hydrogen production complex located near Esbjerg in Denmark, owned and operated by H2 Energy Europe.

The electrolyser will harness offshore wind power to produce up to 100,000 metric tonnes of green hydrogen annually. The hydrogen will be used to decarbonise the transportation sector in northern Europe.

As part of the project, H2 Energy, through its joint venture with Hyundai, will supply fleets of heavy-duty fuel cell trucks and will build more than 250 hydrogen refuelling stations in Denmark, Germany and Austria together with energy company Phillips 66.

Tags: Denmark, Electrolyser, H2 Energy, Hydrogen, Plug Power
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