Largest Biofuel production and distribution hub for development in Panama

The development of the world’s largest biofuels production and distribution hub commenced by energy industry companies led by SGP BioEnergy in May 2022. The facility is expected to be completed in five years at Colon and Balboa in Panama. It will be the largest advanced biorefinery and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production platform in the world producing 180,000 barrels per day (2.6 billion gallons per year) of biofuel. The facility is being developed in partnership with private landowners, Panama Oil Terminals (POTSA) and the government of Panama.

It will repurpose existing facilities currently processing and storing 70% of the country’s bunker fuel oil to the refinement and storage of biofuels derived from purpose grown plant oils, and waste fats and greases.

Tags: Biofuels, Panama, POTSA, SAF, SGP Bioenergy
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