Poultry industry urges govt to allow maize imports

With ethanol-makers competing strongly for maize supplies, the poultry industry, which depends heavily on maize for its feed requirements, has asked the Union Government to allow it to import genetically modified maize and soyameal. It also wanted the government to bring in high-yielding GM seeds to increase productivity in the country.

The country is using 0.8 million tonnes (mt) of maize for ethanol production in 2023-24. This is expected to grow to 3.4 mt in 2024-25 and 10 mt by 2027-28.

Whereas the demand for maize from the poultry industry, which is currently at 16 mt a year, is expected to grow by 1 mt annually.

Due to the increased awareness on immunity and the importance of protein intake, the per capita egg consumption now stood at 101 eggs. It is expected to go up to 180 eggs in the next 6-7 years.

Tags: Ethanol, Maize, Poultry
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