Sikkim identified as a source of green hydrogen

As the world seeks alternatives to fossil fuels, Indian scientists are looking for hydrogen as a promising source of clean fuel. Significantly, Sikkim has been earmarked as a source of green hydrogen.

To make India the global hub for green hydrogen, at present, seven states have been identified by the central government under this initiative. Sikking is one of the states.

As Sikkim government, under the leadership of chief minister P S Golay, always encouraged projects which are green! Central government is pleased to choose this state for this purpose as number one for the upcoming projects for the installation of plants of green hydrogen production as alternative fuel for future, according to scientists.

Notably, the National Green Hydrogen Mission, which aims to accelerate the deployment of green hydrogen as a clean energy source, will support the development of supply chains that can efficiently transport and distribute hydrogen.

The environment-friendly green hydrogen is used as fuel replacing gasoline or petrol in northern north Bengal, the pollution will be minimal and consequently emission of greenhouse gases will be minimized. The main revenue of north Bengal, which comes from tea and tourism, will be more explored. As the pollution is less, the Darjeeling Tea production will be in good quality and the tourists will be more comfortable in enjoying the natural beauty of north Bengal.

Scientists believe that hydrogen is an outstanding technology for transferring the benefits of renewables beyond the electricity sector.

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