Vopak builds on Singapore biofuels bunkering capacity

Storage company Vopak has commissioned 40,000m³ of capacity at its 1.34m³ Sebarok terminal in Singapore for the blending of biofuels into marine fuels.

The company has been carrying out multiple trials with customers since 2022, with its existing pipeline system at Sebarok also converted to a dedicated biofuels blending service as part of the overhaul.

Vopak initiated the change in response to increasing demand for blending and storage solutions at the world’s largest bunkering port, where biofuel blends have increased from almost zero in 2022 to 518,000t last year, according to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

International Maritime Organisation directives stating that all ships sailing in international waters need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20-30pc by 2030 compared with 2008 base levels, along with the EU integrating maritime under its emissions trading scheme from this year, have accelerated decarbonisation plans across the marine sector.

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