Liquid Wind, Alfa Laval and partners launch e-fuels design consortium

Liquid Wind and its partners Alfa Laval, Carbon Clean, Siemens Energy and Topsoe are launching a centre dedicated to new fuels in Denmark.

Launching this week, the eFuel Design & Performance Centre (DPC) in Hørsholm, Denmark aims to help accelerate the deployment of electricity-based fuels and methanol in particular.

Liquid Wind specialises in the commercial development of electricity-based fuel facilities; Topse’s focus is on carbon emissions reduction technologies, supplying technology, catalysts and services for the global energy transition; Carbon Clean works on cost-effective carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies to help large industries abate their CO2 emissions; while Alfa Laval’s product line includes the FCM methanol low-flashpoint fuel supply system the company pitches as adaptable to any kind of marine engine and vessel design.

The centre will boast a dedicated joint research and development (R&D) department that will see all five partners collaborate and innovate to accelerate facility deployment. They see it as crucial step towards developing the technical expertise required to build cost-effective e-methanol plants that can be deployed at scale.The hope is the collaboration will result in DPC delivering ready-to-build plants that are quicker to fabricate, transport, construct and commission.

Three e-methanol projects are currently under development in the Nordics, including FlagshipONE, the world’s first commercial-scale e-methanol facility, and the goal is to develop up to 10 additional plants by the end of 2027 to significantly contribute to the global market and future emissions reduction in hard-to-abate industries like shipping.

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