3rd Decarbonizing Shipping Forum

Where decision-makers meet sustainable technologies and innovations

ALJ Group invites you to join efforts for a greener maritime future at the 3rd Decarbonizing Shipping Forum in Hamburg on June 21st-22nd!

A true shift to a sustainable and carbon-neutral shipping industry not only requires innovative technical solutions but also a shift in the mindsets of people who are going through this transformation. The decarbonization agenda is becoming increasingly more ambitious and it requires exploring new ways of cutting on emission in day-to-day ship operations as well as long-term solutions that would bring about a lasting positive impact. It also requires new forward-thinking talents and joint corporate efforts starting with top-level management. Therefore, we are offering a platform to discuss new technology combined with human element and what decarbonizing means to the shipping industry from all points of view.

Top business executives, policymakers, innovators, and technology experts will dive into debates during conference sessions and networking breaks in Hamburg – don’t miss your chance to join them!


  • Decarbonizing Shipping Industry
  • Future Fuels
  • Sustainable and Innovative Solutions
  • Smart Shipping

For more information please visit : www.decarbonizingforum.com

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