Big four auto companies to debut swappable battery system

Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki – the Big Four – have been hard at work creating a swappable battery system to be compatible with all four brands; and while the official debut is still far from here.

Swappable batteries are a fantastic idea in an urban commute. It’s a clever system that means riders don’t have to rely on waiting for a charge and can scoot about as far as they like, provided they have enough boxes of juice to do the job.

With the current boxes of juice appearing to showcase a 1.7 kWh swappable electric scooter charging platform (and that being the result of three years’ worth of dedicated work), it appears we have a long way to go before Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki reach Maeving’s level of kilowatt output…especially if they’re reaching for other global markets and trying to play direct competitor to Gogoro’s swappable batteries and charging network.


Tags: Battery System, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha
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