German start-up raises growth capital to produce green methanol

In Germany, the climate tech start-up C1 has raised growth capital from well-known investors. The first chemical process that C1 has developed using its technology platform is a much more efficient and sustainable process for producing methanol. The alcohol has been an important basic material in the chemical industry since the beginning of industrialization. C1 technology allows non-fossil methanol to be produced from excess biomass, waste plastic, or CO2 and H2. The key is a highly effective catalyst that makes the necessary chemical reaction much more efficient. It makes green methanol economical after all. And it also makes a different plant design possible.

Led by green tech investor Planet A Ventures, the investors include Paua Ventures and experienced industry managers. These include Dr. Jürgen Hambrecht, formerly CEO and chairman of the supervisory board of BASF, Prof. Wolfgang Reitzle, most recently chairman of the supervisory board of Linde, and Jim Hagemann Snabe, chairman of the supervisory board of Siemens.


Tags: Alcohol, C1, Germany, Green Methanol, Non-fossil Methanol
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