Doosan Fuel Cell partners with Ballard to develop hydrogen fuel cell system

Doosan Fuel Cell partners with Ballard Power Systems, a Canadian manufacturer of polymer-electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), to develop a hydrogen fuel cell system for mobility. PEMFC is being developed mainly for transport applications as well as for stationary and portable fuel-cell applications due to its high energy efficiency, simple structure and excellent durability.

Hydrogen fuel cells use hydrogen as fuel to produce electricity. Small-sized cells are installed in eco-friendly vehicles such as full-size sport utility vehicles while larger cell systems are used in hydrogen power generators. Doosan Fuel Cell and its U.S. subsidiary, HyAxiom, have signed a memorandum of understanding with Ballard Power Systems at HyAxiom’s headquarters in Connecticut. 

Ballard’s PEM fuel cells use a solid polymer membrane (a thin plastic film) which is permeable to protons when it is saturated with water, but it does not conduct electrons. HyAxiom is competitive in the field of phosphoric acid fuel cells (PAFC) that use liquid phosphoric acid as an electrolyte.

Doosan Fuel Cell said that the three companies would try to preoccupy the global market with high growth potential by cooperating in developing and mass-producing PEM fuel cell systems for mobility, selling hydrogen buses, and supplying hydrogen and electric charging stations. They would seek to pilot a domestic hydrogen bus business in South Korea in 2023 and launch buses equipped with HyAxiom’s hydrogen fuel cells for mobility within the next two years. 


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