Inconsistencies of IMO’s Annual Efficiency Ratio laid bare

Criticism has been heaped on the International Maritime Organization-approved Annual Efficiency Ratio (AER), the key measure to define how ships fare when the Carbon Efficiency Indicator (CII) starts in just over a year time.

The December in-depth feature looks at the demands of tomorrow’s workforce. Company culture needs to change dramatically in order to attract Generation Z. Splash Extra assesses how in conversation with many of the world’s top maritime recruitment executives.

Mark Charman​, CEO of recruitment firm Faststream, tells Splash Extra that our industry needs to rapidly adapt to the demands of Gen Z or miss out on the best talent.

“The pandemic has accelerated change and the maritime sector is going to have to peddle hard to keep up. Without a doubt we are already seeing winners and losers in the competition for talent, and I think in 2022, we will see skills shortages worsen, and organisations forced to adapt more quickly,” Mark Charman, CEO of Faststream, told Splash Extra, suggesting that the companies who fail to recognise the new demands of job seekers will simply be left behind.

“I believe early 2022 will see unprecedented levels of hiring and it will be very much a candidate driven market,” Charman predicted.

Source: Splash247

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