iO3 bags contract from Fratelli Cosulich to enhance safety for methanol bunkering

Fratelli Cosulich Group announced that they have awarded iO3 with a contract for gas detection (methanol) and heat signature detection (thermal) for their inaugural chemical bunker tanker able to carry methanol which will join the fleet in Q2 2024.

The implementation of the project will begin in Q1 2024. iO3 will install a suite of both video (V.Sight) and data-based (V.IoT) solutions, significantly enhancing safety and detection capabilities during methanol bunkering operations. iO3 secured the contract thanks to their proficient team of professionals, advanced technology offerings, and the ability to provide a dynamic interface that brings a whole gamut of solutions onto a single platform for ease of use and control.

As part of the project, iO3 will design a seamless integration plan to connect the gas detection sensors and closed-circuit television cameras for the vessel, including a central monitoring system and automation infrastructure. Methanol gas detection sensors and thermal cameras will be strategically deployed at designated locations on the vessel, following best practices and safety guidelines. The solution encompasses the configuration of system settings to define appropriate alarm thresholds, notification protocols, and monitoring schedules for efficient and effective operation. Shore-based users will have the capability to monitor and visualize real-time sensors’ readings, access live video footage, and even employ advanced AI analytics and area protection algorithms to promptly alert both onboard and onshore of any suspicious or unauthorized activities.

Methanol bunkering is a relatively new concept in the maritime industry, as the search for cleaner and more sustainable fuel options gain momentum. In this evolving landscape, both companies have positioned themselves as leaders, actively developing innovative solutions while upholding the highest safety and security standards for these operations. The partnership paves the way for setting standards in and accelerating methanol bunkering operations through compliance, safety, and efficiency.

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