MNRE issues guidelines to set up green hydrogen hubs

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has released guidelines for establishing green hydrogen hubs as part of the National Green Hydrogen Mission.

The MNRE and the designated scheme implementing agencies will be responsible for these hydrogen hubs. The initiative will offer assistance for the establishment of essential infrastructure at hydrogen hubs, including storage and transportation facilities, pipeline infrastructure development, refueling stations, as well as technologies for hydrogen compression and liquefaction, among others. The objective of the scheme is to foster the development of regions with significant potential for large-scale hydrogen production at designated hubs. The goal is to maximise the production of green hydrogen and its by-products within the allocated financial framework. This entails enhancing cost competitiveness, promoting integrated development of green hydrogen projects within these hubs to facilitate resource pooling, stimulating extensive utilisation and exports, and bolstering the viability of green hydrogen assets throughout the value chain.

Tags: Hubs, Hydrogen, MNRE
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