Nafed signs deal with IOC to curb carbon emissions

Agro co-op giant NAFED inked an MoU with Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in order to increase biofuel production in the country in order to reduce carbon emissions, among other things.

The event was attended by senior officials from Nafed and the IOC.

“MoU b/w IOC & NAFED was signed on 15 Feb 2022 to set-up Bio-fuel projects, Plants for post-processing of products viz Cattle feed & Marketing of end products of CBG,” the Agri cooperative posted on social media. The event was attended by senior executives from both organisations. NAFED is dedicated to achieving a greener and more sustainable future.”

“IOCL is taking the lead in terms of putting up plants for the development of Bio-CNG so that farmers may contribute biomass instead of burning it,” top Nafed officials remarked. Bio-CNG will be bought back and sold by IOCL.”

Earlier, the Agri cooperative declared that it will invest Rs 5,000 crore in a public-private partnership (PPP) to build 100 bio-CNG production plants utilising agri-waste such as stubble.


Tags: Biofuel, carbon emissions, IOC, Nafed, Sustainability
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