Port of Gothenburg plans to become bunkering hub for methanol

By 2030, the Port of Gothenburg has set out an ambitious target to reduce shipping emissions by 70% within the port area.

One key step to reach this goal is to provide a variety of shipping fuels that contribute to bringing down emissions – in the port as well as on a global scale. Many initiatives are taken around the world with net-zero vessels now in the order books.

As this is a general approval for the port, each terminal will do a complementary risk assessment but this is more of a formality when the general guidelines now are in place. For example, the Port of Gothenburg has already handled methanol in the port since 2015 when Stena Line started to bunker Stena Germanica truck to vessel.

The shipping industry needs a variety of fuels in the future, and renewable products like e-methanol are important to achieve net-zero targets. Therefore, the Port of Gothenburg is also making arrangements to set up a value chain with the determination to provide e-methanol in the port by 2024.

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