TMEIC India facilitating transition to RE sources

Renewable Energy

Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) is advancing towards the goal of achieving carbon neutrality. Within its expansive network, TMEIC India, a Group company, plays a vital role in developing key solutions for the energy sector. Focused on providing environmentally sustainable energy solutions, TMEIC India is striving to facilitate the transition to cleaner energy sources.

TMEIC’s Energy Resource Solutions (ERS) compasses three key concepts: Smart Factory, Green Energy, and Energy Management. While Energy Management involves electrification, energy-saving, and power supply transformation, green energy involves manufacturing PV inverters for renewable energy source plants, contributing to the growth of PV plants and wind power plants. Smart Factory, characterised by digital transformation (DX) and high efficiency, is another pillar of TMEIC’s strategy.

Beyond manufacturing, TMEIC India provides solutions through power electronic technology. In terms of green energy, TMEIC India produces PV inverters that are delivered both in India and globally. The cumulative shipment of PV inverters made by TMEIC India totals around 29GW or 32,126 in terms of quantity as of 2023.

In its efforts to advance the use of green energy, the TMEIC India factory’s rooftop is installed with solar panels and is “currently a zero-emission facility,” said Sawarkar. TMEIC’s rotating machinery exhibits precise power with energy savings and reduction of carbon footprint across varied applications.

In the realm of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), TMEIC plays a crucial role with high-power, water-cooled MV Drives, along with large capacity synchronous motors. “Our high-capacity motors manufactured in India since 2016 are high-efficiency motors, meeting market needs and various specifications,” said Sawarkar

TMEIC India offers high-efficiency series fin frame motors, sourcing approximately 97 per cent of components locally. This approach helps the company enhance its supply network, not only within India but also in the Middle East. This expansion contributes to the stability of plant operations, while also reducing logistics costs and energy consumption.

In 2021, TMEIC launched a company-wide project to build ideas and develop solutions for energy resources. Tohru Fukiage, ERS Project Manager, TMEIC, said, “Through our activities so far, we have come to focus on developing advanced rectifiers to be applied to the electrolytic hydrogen and new power converters and electric furnaces.”

Anticipating a significant business expansion, TMEIC’s initiatives will continue to help the customers achieve their carbon neutrality goals. As Fukiage foresees the power network to become highly unstable in the near future, the current focus of the company lies in advancing “towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.”

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