World’s greenest long-range tankers with WindWings

Union Maritime Ltd, a well-known tanker owner and operator in the United Kingdom, recently ordered two new LR2 tankers to be equipped with WindWings®, a cutting-edge wind propulsion technology created by BAR Technologies, a British design and engineering firm. The ships, which are presently being built at the renowned Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding (SWS) shipyard in China, are expected to lead the industry in marine sustainability.

The in-house team at SWS designed these LR2 tankers, which have a DWT of 114,000 and are classified by Lloyd’s Register. They are anticipated to be delivered in late 2025. Union Maritime’s decision to incorporate WindWings® in its fleet demonstrates its dedication to innovation and environmental sustainability.

WindWings® have proven efficient in decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, with potential savings of up to 1.5 tonnes of fuel and about 5 tonnes of CO2 per wing per day on average global routes. They work with a route optimisation system to modify the rigid sails based on wind conditions, vessel speed, and course, assuring maximum efficiency without sacrificing speed.

This historic deal came soon after BAR Technologies collaborated with China Merchants Industry Holding, an affiliated manufacturing partner of CM Energy Tech (CMET). CMET will oversee the value chain involving the acquisition, manufacturing, and installation of WindWings® at Asian shipyards.

In line with the industry’s decarbonisation goal, Union Maritime has moved proactively to integrate wind-assisted propulsion technology into larger tanker segments. The successful installations of BAR Technologies on Bulkers in 2023 and their collaboration with CM Energy Tech show how the maritime industry is increasingly interested in and utilising these technologies. In addition to strategies like route optimisation and hull retrofits, wind-assisted propulsion shows promise as shipping corporations investigate available technologies to achieve emissions reduction targets.

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