CEEC Hydrogen signs agreement with Headway Technology on green fuels

CEEC Hydrogen Energy announced that it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Headway Technology Group (Qingdao). The two parties will fully leverage their advantages, cooperating in hydrogen energy storage and transportation, utilization, and equipment manufacturing.

In particular, they aim to jointly promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry chain by exploring integrated development modes and creating a green hydrogen-ammonia-methanol project for the shipping industry.

CEEC in collaboration with Headway, they aim to establish a green hydrogen-ammonia-methanol integration project for ships. Utilizing recyclable carbon sources collected by ships’ carbon dioxide capture and reuse systems (CCUS), they will produce low-carbon methanol and develop more hydrogen energy and methanol synthesis projects. Additionally, they will promote key equipment and technologies globally, advancing the hydrogen energy industry chain’s sustainability and supporting global dual-carbon goals and the shipping industry’s green transformation.

Tags: CEEC Hydrogen Energy, Headway Technology, Hydrogen
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