Countries in Europe agree on 2035 fossil fuel car ban

European Union countries have agreed to phase-out new fossil fuel car sales from 2035.

The deal makes it likely that the proposal will become EU law. The ministers’ agreements will form their position in upcoming negotiations with the EU Parliament on the final laws. Parliament has already backed the 2035 car target.

After more than 16 hours of negotiations, environment ministers from the European Union’s 27 member states agreed to joint positions on five laws, part of a broader package of measures to slash planet-warming emissions this decade.

Environment ministers supported core parts of the package that the European Commission first proposed last summer, including a law requiring new cars sold in the EU after 2035 to emit zero carbon dioxide. That would make it impossible to sell internal-combustion engine cars.

Countries accepted core elements of the Commission’s proposal to reinforce the market to cut emissions 61 per cent by 2030, and extend it to cover shipping.

They also agreed on rules to make it easier for the EU to intervene in response to CO2 price spikes.

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