Daimler Truck, Kawasaki to study liquid H2 supply chains

Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Daimler Truck AG have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to study the establishment and optimization for supply of liquid hydrogen for the decarbonization or road freight transportation in Europe. The agreement was signed during the Hydrogen Council annual meeting in Berlin, Germany.

The mutual initiative between the two companies includes the study of the entire supply chain for liquid hydrogen, including LH2-terminals, large- and medium-sized overseas shipping and large-scale liquid hydrogen storage.

According to Kawasaki Heavy Industries focuses on liquefied hydrogen out of various hydrogen carriers and is simultaneously developing core technologies necessary to establish international hydrogen supply chains. These technologies include hydrogen liquefiers, liquefied hydrogen carriers, liquefied hydrogen storage tanks and their usage.

Daimler Truck said it is pursuing a dual-track strategy with hydrogen-powered and battery-electric vehicles. It recently signed a MoU with Masdar to explore liquid green hydrogen options from Abu Dhabi/UAE (United Arab Emirates) to Europe by 2030.

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