Government revises list of electrolyser subsidy winners

The Indian government has revised its list of winners for the first auction for electrolyser manufacturing subsidies, originally announced in January, after steelmaker Jindal — which had won incentives for 300MW of annual manufacturing capacity — dropped out of the process.

This left 300MW per year of manufacturing capacity, with a maximum incentive of 4.44 billion rupees ($53.5m), to be redistributed among bidders.

Engineering company Larsen & Toubro, which had in January seen its 300MW/year bid partially awarded to cover 63MW/year, has now been awarded production-linked incentives for its full bid.

Meanwhile, Matrix Gas and Renewables, which had been left off the original winners’ list, has now been allocated subsidies for 63MW/year of its 105MW/year bid, worth up to 932.4m rupees.

Awards for a separate block of funding — for “indigenously developed” technology (rather than intellectual property licensed from abroad, such as L&T’s use of McPhy tech) — did not change, as that had already been fully allocated.

List of revised winners

CompanyBid capacity (MW/year)Awarded capacity (MW/year)Maximum incentive allocation (million rupees/year)
Reliance Electrolyser Manufacturing Limited3003004,440
Ohmium Operations Private Limited1371372,027.6
John Cockerill Greenko Hydrogen Solutions Private Limited3003004,440
Advait Infratech Limited1001001,480
L&T Electrolysers Limited3003004,440
Matrix Gas and Renewables Limited10563932.4
Homihydrogen Private Limited101.5101.51,502.2
Adani New Industries Limited300198.52,937.8

Source: Solar Energy Corporation of India

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