Honeywell teams up with TGS for a green hydrogen

Honeywell has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with The Green Solutions Group Corporation (TGS) for the Tra Vinh Green Hydrogen project, which stands as Vietnam’s inaugural green hydrogen plant in the Mekong Delta region.

The collaboration leverages Honeywell’s battery energy storage system, aimed at reducing costs and carbon emissions while ensuring grid stability through renewable energy sources. This technology facilitates the production of green hydrogen at the Tra Vinh plant.

Honeywell will contribute its advanced technologies, including project automation design and management, as well as energy management solutions tailored for transitioning to renewable energy. This encompasses battery energy storage systems (BESS), empowering TGS to seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources into the operations of the green hydrogen facility.

“Honeywell’s battery energy storage system will play a key enabling role in the Tra Vinh Green Hydrogen project,” said Ramanathan Valliyappan, regional general manager of Honeywell Process Solutions. “It will extend renewable energy from TGS’s solar farms beyond sunlight time as well as extend wind power when the winds are calm. Honeywell’s BESS platform helps decrease costs and carbon emissions by providing grid stability from renewable power sources, thus enabling the production of green hydrogen at the Tra Vinh plant.”

In addition to BESS, Honeywell will provide extensive solutions and expertise covering the entire hydrogen value chain to help TGS operate safely, profitably, and meet its renewable energy production goals.

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