JGC awards green ammonia technology contract to KBR

Japanese engineering company JGC Corporation has awarded US engineering firm KBR a contract for its green ammonia technology for a project sponsored by Japanese research and development agency NEDO.

KBR’S K-GreeN solution produces green ammonia as a long-duration energy storage medium. Under the terms of the contract, KBR will provide technology licensing and basic engineering for a pilot project under NEDO’s Green Innovation Fund in Fukushima, Japan.

NEDO is short for New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, a national research and development agency in Japan.

Last year, NEDO announced the “Green Innovation Fund Project / Development Project for Next-Generation Ships / Development of Ammonia-Fueled Ships “. In order to achieve the IMO’s target, this project will use ammonia as a marine fuel to develop, own and operate propulsion systems and hulls ahead of other countries.

The goal is to introduce ammonia-fueled ships under Japan’s leadership as early as possible by 2028 so that Japan’s maritime industry can maintain its long-term advantage in the field of zero-emission ships.

K Line, ITOCHU Corporation, and NS United Kaiun will conduct an operational demonstration of an ammonia-fueled ship.     

Source: https://www.offshore-energy.biz/

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