Shell partners with Doosan fuel cell and KSOE on fuel cell development and demonstration project

Shell has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for cooperation on a marine fuel cell demonstration with Doosan Fuel Cell and KSOE (Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering).

Announced today (7 February), the partnership will see the three companies build a consortium for developing and testing marine fuel cells.

The trio is planning to operate a vessel powered by 600kW marine SOFC as an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) over a year in shipping routes so that they can develop an optimal system.

Doosan Fuel Cell says it expects to complete its marine fuel cell systems and have them marine certified by 2024, with commercialisation of systems scheduled in 2025.

‘Shell is a global leading leader in the marine industry,’ said Jeff Jeong, Doosan Fuel Cell CEO. ‘[The] consortium with Shell will lay the foundation for Doosan to expedite our marine fuel cell business, thereby dominating the market.’

A KSOE official added: ‘This cooperation is expected to boost maritime applications of fuel cells which will play an important role as an alternative green energy source. Moving forward, we will continue to develop green marine technologies to advance further in the green shipping industry.’

The trio intends to include shipowners, ship builders and maritime classification societies in the consortium moving forward.


Tags: Doosan Fuel, KSOE, Shell
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