Enertech Fuel Solutions to invest in biogas business

Enertech Fuel Solutions, a small and medium enterprise based in Ahmedabad, plans to invest $7.79 million in its compressed biogas (CBG) business. “The investment will be made next year for a pan-India presence in the CBG market,” informs Badri Mahapatra, the firm’s promoter. He adds, “Foraying into the CBG sector is a natural outgrowth of our substantial experience in the natural gas market. In a year, we hope to establish ten CBG plants.”

Mahapatra further states, “We will build four CBG facilities in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana in the initial phase. We would invest one additional unit in each of these states in the second phase, while adding two more plants in Madhya Pradesh”. Enertech has chosen Mehsana in Gujarat as the location for the CBG project.

Biogas is created by anaerobic decomposition from waste/biomass sources such as agricultural residue, cow dung, municipal solid waste, and sewage treatment plant waste, among others. Hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, and water vapour are removed from the biogas before it is compressed into CBG. CBG is a green renewable automobile fuel with calorific value and other qualities similar to CNG. Source: https://chemindigest.com/

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