IOCL needs to make consumers aware of ethanol-mixed petrol: Dealers

The Greater Guwahati unit of the North East India Petroleum Dealers’ Association (NEIPDA) has appealed to the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) to make consumers aware of ethanol-blended motor spirit (petrol) before distributing such fuel among retail outlets in the city.

The association had earlier decided that its member retail outlets, a majority of which are dealers of IOCL, would refrain from taking petrol (motor spirit) blended with 10 percent ethanol from the oil manufacturing company.

Speaking to mediapersons on Monday, NEIPDA (Guwahati unit) president, Rajiv Goswami said oil manufacturing companies have to make consumers aware, through the media or otherwise, of the impact such ethanol-blended petrol might have on their vehicles/engines before retail outlets decide to receive such fuel for sale.

“We have directed the dealers of IOCL to ensure that such fuel is not received from the oil manufacturing company for now. Accordingly, they have been told to sell the unblended variety only so that customers do not face any harassment,” Goswami said, even as he added that the company is yet to distribute such ethanol-mixed motor spirit as on Monday.

“Dealers of other oil manufacturing companies such as Bharat Petroleum Corporation are selling the unblended variety and consumers can refill their vehicle tanks there if there is a shortage after IOCL stops distributing the unblended variety,” he said.

The association had even warned of a likely fuel shortage if oil manufacturing companies ignore their demands, which, apart from making customers aware of the pros and cons of the blended variety, also include cleaning and removal of water (which might destroy the fuel/engine) from the underground tanks at the retail outlets and checking if there are any leaks.

Meanwhile, members of the oil depot owners’ association on Monday met officials at the Kamrup (Metro) deputy commissioner’s office, reiterating that oil manufacturing companies must make consumers aware of the ethanol-mixed petrol by holding a media conference.

“Ethanol-blended petrol can be distributed only after dealers issue underground tank cleaning certificates. Hoardings, standees and stickers on petrol dispensing pumps must be in place to make consumers aware about such a blended variety being sold in the retail outlets,” a member of the oil dealers’ association said, hinting that the retail outlets must not be held responsible for an adverse effects of such fuel on vehicles.

Source: The Shillong Times

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