Only a few top shipping companies committed to netzero by 2050

According to the analysis from the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, only 33 out of 94 of the world’s major shipping companies have committed to being net zeroby 2050 or have joined the International Maritime Organization (IMO) targets of a 50% absolute reduction in 2050 compared to the 2008 level.

The report suggested that compared to carbon reduction targets in other industries, such as automotive, oil and gas and transport and leisure, with 65%, 56% and 45% respectively, 35% of shipping companies with IMO or net zero 2050 pledges is low.

The assessment drew on published decarbonisation ambitions and actions of the top companies by owned capacity in tanker, bulk, container, and roro/car segments, representing a 70% share of global shipping emissions.

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