Toho Gas in Japan likely to deliver hydrogen from 2024

Toho Gas, a Japanese gas distributor, plans to start delivering hydrogen produced from natural gas at a plant with an output capacity of 1.7 t/d in Chita, central Japan’s Aichi prefecture, by 2024.

The produced hydrogen is expected to have its carbon dioxide emissions offset with carbon credits and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technology.

The company will start with the 1.7 t/d plant and expand the capacity to 5 t/d or more, depending on the demand in the area. The company is also exploring the possibility of using the plant as a hydrogen import terminal in the future. The project aims to encourage decarbonisation for small- and medium-sized businesses, especially until green hydrogen can be supplied at affordable prices and in sufficient volumes

Tags: CUSS, Decarbonisation, Hydrogen, Toho Gas